About Us


We are an interfaith organization on Hilton Head Island, SC founded in April 2010 after a communitywide panel discussion titled “Help – I’m Hungry!!!” in March 2010 at Congregation Beth Yam.  We work with other community organizations and churches on Hilton Head Island.

VISION: A community free of hungry and homeless people

MISSION: To feed the hungry and house the homeless children, women and men within our community.

OUR GOALS: HHC is working toward building public awareness of the hungry and homeless children, women and men on HHI and surrounding areas, compiling and publishing a resource pamphlet, reducing the number of those in need of food, clothing and shelter, establishing a reserve fund to house the homeless children, women and men in motels or other buildings when temperatures are below freezing.



OFFICERS:  Janet Weingarten, Chair; Judie Aronson, Secretary; Carole Galli, Treasurer

MEMBERS: Glenn Neff,  Joe Kerr, Walter Schymk, Pat Wirth, Gene Arnold,  Twyla Sable, Past Chair


Backpack Buddies: Joe Kerr,

Soup Kitchens:  Twyla Sable, Judie Aronson

School Healthy Snack Closet: Gene Arnold

Summer Food Box Program:  Glenn Neff

OUR PROGRAMS: Backpack Buddies of Hilton Head Island began September 2010 to feed 50 of the neediest children in the three public elementary schools on the Island with backpacks filled with sustainable food  issued on Fridays for the week-end.  This program will expand to over 100 children for the next school year.

The Homelessness Task Force began in late 2010 working toward providing food, clothing and shelter to homeless children, women and men during the cold winter months.

FACTS: There are 96 homeless school-age children in Beaufort County in 2009-10; 10,817 in South Carolina (Beaufort County School District & SC Department of Education).  It is estimated that for every identified child, there is another child at home which essentially doubles these figures.

About 191,000 people rely on food stamps, food shelters, pantries and soup kitchens in South Carolina every year.

About 80,000 children in coastal South Carolina go hungry every day.

TAKE ACTION: The HHC is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization. To volunteer, to make a contribution or for more information contact the Hunger and Homeless Coalition, P.O. Box 22738, Hilton Head Island, SC 29925 — or you can make a donation to our programs right here on this website.